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Shonen Knife Top 5

Thinking about a deep and depressing topic, but first, let's have some fun!  These are my top five Shonen Knife songs.  If you don't know Shonen Knife, I am happy to be able to correct that deficiency in your musical knowledge. If you do know Shonen Knife, I look forward to some vigorous disagreement!  Here we go!


Number 5:  I Wanna Eat Cookies

Here the knife address one of their usual themes: food.  What I dig about this, though, is how they forsake their usual Ramones-y song structure in favor of a nice lil' slab o' Sabbath-esque metal.  About cookies. (The kickass solo comes at 2:43...)


Number 4: Making Plans for Bison

The song that really started it all for me.  "He has a right to live though  he's ill-shaped." (Note: this is an incredibly shitty video even by the standards of 1986.  But kind of charmingly terrible. )


3.Top of the World.  For me, a great cover version sounds like the band covering the song wrote it.  That's why Johnny Cash and the Ramones are the best cover artists ever.  But the knife makes a bid for #3 with this, the standout track from an otherwise predictably mediocre Carpenters tribute album.


2. Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl).  A song I have great sentimental attachment to. (Read all about it here!) (or maybe don't because this chapter reads pretty mawkish to me 12 years later) , but also really the perfect match of band and subject matter (in this case, the titular  sullen, violent, and awesome Powerpuff girl)


1.Ramones Forever.  I mean, of course I'm gonna pick a song about ths is that it is a sincere and unironic tribute to the greatest rock and roll band ever. I actually find it quite moving: 



If you've enjoyed this, please go buy some music by this excellent band.  Fun! Fun! Fun! and Supergroup are good places to start.