Representin' YA
Score One For The Forces of Darknesss

We Regret The Error

I recently received an email from a certain New York Times Bestselling Author who referred to herself as New York Times Bestselling Author and informed me that I had used a trademarked phrase in a blog entry of July 23 entitled "September 2." Apparently the phrase "Life-Changing Fiction" can only be applied to the work of a certain inspirational Christian authoress and not my work or anyone else's work. So if you feel that a novel by anyone who is not a certain Christian Authoress has in any way altered your existence, please remember that there is only one person on earth whose fiction can be referred to in that fashion. Please call fiction that has altered your existence in some way "Fiction Which Has Altered My Existence But Is In No Way To Be Confused With The Work of a Certain Christian Inspirational Authoress, May Her Name Be Praised."

I deeply regret having used the verboten phrase, especially because this entire thing arose from a typo. I meant to refer to my work as "Wife-Changing Fiction"--fiction that, if you read it, will transform your female spouse.

Also, as we all know, my fiction is decidedly Satanic in content, and should not be confused with Christian fiction of any kind.

Again, we regret the error and appreciate the opportunity to clear the air. Hail Satan!